Ariel – Wildflower @ Femjoy

January 20th, 2016  / Author: bjakin

Ariel - Wildflower @ Femjoy
We can’t help raving about this moving picture with fiery Ariel. With her is a tulle see-through red scarf. She plays with it, covering and revealing her body – her breasts, her behind, her flower. She looks directly at you – and she smiles.

She leans over, climbing up the cliff-side, to get into a more comfortable legs-spread seat. With a glance and a shake of her soft young body, the transition is perfect. Then we get a lovely, intimate view of Ariel, and her wild flower.

Watching Ariel on a cliff in the wilderness = heaven.


Tea – Golden Dream @ Femjoy

January 5th, 2016  / Author: bjakin

Tea - Golden Dream @ Femjoy
Tea knows how to work in the fields…How we like our girls working. She bends over, picks some wheat. And does it again, because she knows we like it when she does that. Then she takes some wheat and rubs it over her breasts, between her legs, across her body. Life doesn’t get more golden or more beautiful than Tea.

She likes that you are looking, giving glances in your direction. And trying the wheat out again on her body, just to make sure it happens the way you like it. Tea knows how tease, tantalize, and excite. Your most sensual dreams will come true when you see Tea here, in the wheat field, on the lakeside in the golden sunlight.

For the most erotic videos in the world, there’s one place: FEMJOY.


Irena – Wind Of Desire @ Femjoy

December 16th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Irena - Wind Of Desire @ Femjoy
What’s the only thing that compare to our lovely photo-sets of Irena? Well, our moving pictures of Irina. In this one, you get to see this beauty on the rocks. You get to see closeups of her lovely breasts and eyes. She struts around on the cliffside, very aware you are watching, and encouraging it with her looks.

She picks a plant nearby and rubs it over and between her lovely breasts and around the rest of her body. The wind picks up, blowing her lovely hair. She moves around on the rocks, touching her body, looking oh-so comfortable and at ease. She is loving her nude self in nature, and sending lots of love messages to you :-)

Come here for some Irena-beauty.


Valya – Summer Sun @ Femjoy

November 30th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Valya - Summer Sun @ Femjoy
Valya gets right down to business in this Exclusive Moving Picture. She waves at you, inviting you in. Sitting with her legs spread, she feels her body from the bottom to the top, with her enticing “come-get-me” look. Valya has the best one you’ve ever seen, we promise.

She touches her flower, and her entire body. And you will see excellent close-ups of both her front and her back. Valya is having so much fun playing at the beach, moving water over her body, showing us her flower, feeling it… This is truly one of the best Moving Pictures at FEMJLOY. Eroticism + nature + beautiful Valya = true delight. She’s got it all. True, natural beauty and spirit on this girl. Oh Valya – you are amazing!!

Come see the spirit of FEMJOY in Valya at the beach.


Irena – Join Me @ Femjoy

November 15th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Irena - Join Me @ Femjoy
Welcome to the country with Irena, completely naked. She gets on her vintage bike, plants herself in the seat, and away we go. But of course there are breaks for her to check her flat tire, feel her lovely breasts, get some close-ups of her on the seat, her bare feet on the pedals, etc. And just wait for the cute white umbrella she pulls out from the back of the bike…

There is lovely scenic variety of Irena on the bike, off it, handling it, doing some fix-ups. All the while her lovely bottom, breasts, and braids grace the camera in their full glory. And the evening ends with a full pace nude bicycle ride in the evening sunlight.

Tell us Irena, do you carry this sweet body with you all the time?


Stacey – Stay With Me @ Femjoy

October 30th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Stacey - Stay With Me @ Femjoy
This is a real hot video. Welcome to Stacy dancing and teasing in her living room. She looks directly at the camera as she pulls down her top. Dances a bit seductively in the sheer curtains. Feels herself all over. The drama unfolds, she is thinking of you and shows how she wants you there. Yes, Stacey is a sexy and direct girl!

One of our members commented on this video, and he puts it like it is: “One of the very best videos on the site. Stacey knows how to tease and then deliver. I will watch this video over and over again.” So will I.

Stacey is waiting on the couch for you.


Lizzie – Time Stands @ Femjoy

October 14th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Lizzie - Time Stands @ Femjoy
This beautifully shot moving picture is the pinnacle of erotic art. It begins with a closeup of Lizzie’s feet on the bridge, and quickly opens up to her walking along in a soft dreamy way. There are closeups of her laying down feeling her shapely, buoyant breasts. You will get to know the weight of her breasts; how they react to touch and the bridge floor. She might be enjoying them as much as you would, if they were in your hands.

And when you think it can’t get any better, it does with some lovely back-door shots as Lizzie looks out over the edge of the bridge. And she gives sweet looks back at the camera – yes, she knows our members are watching. She seems in a dream, and her captivating beautiful eyes are seem to sing.

Take a walk with Lizzie.


Ariel – Holidays Together @ Femjoy

September 28th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Ariel - Holidays Together @ Femjoy
Spying two beautiful girls – one redhead and one brunette – through the straw fields. Then come right up onto them, watch them talk, relax, play. Jump up and down. Do a little can can, dance around on the dock. Their cute behinds shake. They hold hands and whisper sweet secrets to each other.

The true magic of youth, beauty, and playfulness comes alive in this moving picture, as some things do best when you see the models moving. You get to know them in a new way. And with such gems as Ariel and Tea, we could watch them over and over again.

Toward the end of their lake-side excursion they go fishing – potentially any man’s best dream.

Take a look at these beautiful nymphs frolicking and fishing…


Lorena G. – Scala @ Femjoy

September 12th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Lorena G. - Scala @ Femjoy

This week’s exclusive video features the always popular, always beautiful, and always sexy Lorena G. One thing we love about Lorena is her wonderful spirit. She’s so happy and such a pleasure to be around. It’s one thing we think makes her her such a favorite among our esteemed members. Here’s what some of them had to say about this lovely Femjoy beauty and her latest video "Scala";

"Lorena is just adorable, her face is so cute and her body so lithe and gorgeous."

"That beautiful smile can make any man happy."

"Terrific! Lorena completely nude throughout, she looks fabulous with that adorable smile and great butt! Love at the end watching her walk up the stairs and getting the chance to admire her lovely soles! Well done!"

"It’s no secret that Lorena G. holds a special place in my heart here. And what a pure joy it is to see her stroll down that staircase and sparkle with that wonderful mix of beauty, sensuality and charm that is hers and hers alone… I don’t think that I could ever name one absolute favorite woman on this site for me, but I could make a pretty strong case for Lorena, to say the least…"

Well said members. We’re so glad you enjoy this beauty as much as we do. We’ve done alot of work together over the years, and hope to do much more in the future. Until then… please enjoy Lorena on the stairs, in "Scala".
Erotic Sex – completely naked girls, absolutely gorgeous and nude.


Sarah – Let It Flow @ Femjoy

August 27th, 2015  / Author: bjakin

Sarah - Let It Flow @ Femjoy
Sarah knows exactly how to move, and especially how to look up and smile at you in the most alluring way. She plays with the leaves across her chest, climbs among the rocks on the creek-side. Looks thoughtfully out to the horizon. And touches herself in absolutely divine ways.

Some girls know exactly what to do to keep a viewer intrigued, and Sarah is no doubt one of them. She knows what you want, and she enjoys giving it to you. She gives her smile, body, nature, prancing, feeling, and all…

With all the details in this moving picture – from the bit of dirt on her behind to the rushing creek, you will truly feel like you are there with Sarah.